CleanupTime is a platform making it easy and motivating to act for the Ocean in Hong Kong through beach cleaning activities, by giving visibility, showcasing the impact and offering rewards to volunteers.

Our goals

CleanupTime stems from our long term experience of beach cleaning and awareness activities, but also our pledge to work in a collaborative approach with our network of experts to propose innovative projects that serve the Hong Kong community.

What do we want

Let’s put it simply: we want to better monitor the spatial and temporal variability of marine litter in order to tailor the action on the most common items found on the shores. Additionally, we think volunteers that spend their time outdoors cleaning our shores should be rewarded for their effort and we found in Time Auction the perfect partner to do that.


CleanupTime is initiated by Ocean3C, a non-profit organisation for Hong Kong Community to promote Ocean Literacy and Sustainability through its 4 pillars (EDU, CLEAN, ART and LAB).


logo of ocean 3c

Science is key

Thanks to our long term solid relationship with the scientific community acting for ocean protection, we have partnered with the Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS) from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Dr Christelle Not to build a database of waste found on our shores, feed the research work and accelerate knowledge on local marine plastic pollution.

So does charity

Time Auction is a charity that advocates volunteerism by connecting skilled volunteers with NGOs and offering inspiring experiences in return. Participate to CleanupTime  program, and  earn unique access to your passions — from learning to cook from Michelin-starred chefs to creative workshops.

So now on we clean with purpose, and we are able to say Thank You for helping us !